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Cleaning Services

Clean and hygienic community environments are the foundation of exceptional resident and employee experiences, and we have been supporting our clients to achieve this for over a decade across more than 200 sites and 50,000 residences - working with national brands such as UNITE STUDENTS, MyLo, UNCLE and aparto.

We understand that we are not just working on a cleaning contract. You have entrusted us to help create a personal environment and experience that sets you and your development-work environment apart. Understanding that is the key to providing you with the sort of exceptional service that encapsulates the HPS difference.

HPS Cleaning Services

  • Communal area cleaning (including commercial environment cleaning)
  • Periodic deep cleaning
  • Housekeeping services
  • Carpet and specialist floor cleaning
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 Turnaround Services 

Whether you work in the student accommodation or private residential sectors, turnarounds represent some of the most operationally challenging and stressful periods for you and your teams. As the recognised national experts in this specialised area of service, HPS has deep cleaned over 250,000 personal spaces for clients including the Top-5 PBSA providers.

Our teams are experts in supporting all areas of client turnaround requirements, and we have developed an enviable reputation for delivering on time, exceeding expectations and generally making our clients' lives easier during their most challenging periods. Our experienced management team has developed effective turnaround management processes, specific to the challenge.

HPS Turnaround Services

  • Student summer deep clean
  • Hotel housekeeping
  • Linen hire services
  • Refurb/refresh projects

Security Concierge

For too long residential and student accommodation operations managers have had to put up with security services that do not align with providing services in peoples homes.

Based on our leadership teams' 20 years of experience in the security and hospitality sectors, our Security Concierge service challenges this status quo to create a service that is focussed on enabling great resident experiences and adding value to residents' perception of value from your development.

UK Threat Level - Threat Levels | MI5 - The Security Service

HPS Security Concierge

  • Access control
  • Local amenity information
  • Residential services and assistance
  • Book taxis
  • Office admin
  • Appropriate cover for day concierge/reception


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Grounds Maintenance

As outdoor spaces grow in importance for residents, maintaining the appearance of external areas has become just as important as looking after internal communal spaces in the creation of exceptional residential environments.

We are already looking after hundreds of acres. Through their care, attention and experience, our teams will support you to create exceptional and seamless environments - both inside and outside of your developments.

HPS Grounds Maintenance

  • Internal planting
  • Landscaping
  • External cleaning
  • Jet washing

Painting And Decorating

Whether you require touch-ups as part of a turnaround project, or a more significant specialist service as part of a wider development refresh, HPS’ expert painting and decorating teams have the skills and experience to support you to achieve an exceptional finish every time.

We have completed over 100 significant refreshes for major national providers in both the PBSA and BTR sectors and stand ready to brighten up your residential spaces.

HPS Painting and Decorating

  • Painting
  • Decorating
  • Janitorial services
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Window Cleaning

There is nothing worse than working hard to create an exceptional living environment, just to be let down by the cleanliness of your windows.

We are passionate about delivering the same high HPS standards across the vertical plane and our specialist cradle, free-standing A-Frame and abseiling teams are delivering exceptional services to hundreds of existing clients across the UK.

HPS Window Maintenance

  • Vertical cleaning
  • Abseiling
  • IPAF
  • Balconies


In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, protecting your people, your customers and your business has never been more important. HPS has developed the industry leading preventative residual antimicrobial treatment applicable to commercial, residential and public spaces. 

We’ve partnered with ZOONO, a revolutionary residual antimicrobial protection technology that creates an invisible shield on hands and surfaces, providing long lasting protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi - for up to 30 days.

HPS Protect Fogging Treatments

Our HPS Protect mobile teams can cover any UK location, providing residual anti-microbial fogging treatments that will significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination on your sites. 

No other service can provide up to 30 days of ongoing protection, and this is why HPS Protect and ZOONO has become the solution of choice for many of the UK’s most recognisable brands.

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Food Services

Food services are a great way to create fantastic places to live, learn, work and stay.

As a fully integrated FM provider, HPS delivers exceptional food environments and culinary experiences for our clients through our exceptional HPS Group partnerships. Whether it’s creating an innovative self-service micro-market solution for a large residential development, or managing food provision across a national academy trust, HPS services has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a positive end-user focussed food experience.