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In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, protecting your people, your customers and your business has never been more important. HPS has developed the industry leading preventative residual antimicrobial treatment applicable to commercial, residential and public spaces. 

We’ve partnered with ZOONO, a revolutionary residual antimicrobial protection technology that creates an invisible shield on hands and surfaces, providing longer lasting protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi.

We give people the confidence to enjoy their environments

Anti-Microbial Treatments

Our HPS Protect mobile teams can cover any UK location, providing residual anti-microbial fogging treatments that will significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination on your sites. 

No other service can provide a longer lasting ongoing protection, and this is why HPS Protect and ZOONO has become the solution of choice for many of the UK’s most recognisable brands.

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Why choose HPS?

  • Experience – unlike most new providers, we have been doing this for nearly two years.
  • Confidence – We conduct ATP swab testing before and after every treatment to PROVE that it is working.
  • Responsiveness – No one has our capability and capacity in the UK hygiene sector.
  • Certification – Certificate issued with every treatment.
  • Traceability – iAuditor Reports produced for every treatment.
  • Accreditation – We are the only provider approved and trained directly by Zoono to deliver this service in the UK.


Some of our clients

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We are already delivering projects across the following sectors

  • Corporate Offices
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Residential Property
  • Call Centres
  • Education – Primary, Secondary and University
  • Flexible Workspaces
  • Healthcare
  • Gyms
  • Casinos and Gaming Establishments
  • Leisure sector – Bars, Restaurants and Cinemas
  • Utilities and Power Generation
  • CPNI
  • Shopping Centre
  • Transport

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Do you need an antimicrobial treatment to protect your commercial or residential space today. Request a free quote by submitting the online form and a member of our team will get in touch to discuss the full details. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak with someone before enquiring our team are ready to help, Call us now at 020 7731 3110.