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70% of the world is water, why ship it?

As it’s #PlasticFreeJuly it’s a good time to highlight some of the work that #TeamHPS have undertaken to reduce our consumption of single use plastics. Since March 2021, HPS have had a partnership with the eco-friendly cleaning solution, Solupak.

Solupak have helped us eliminate single use plastics from our cleaning product supply chain by providing a range of cleaning products, that are easy to use, highly concentrated and efficient, packed in water soluble film sachets and are easily combined with water within Solupak’s patented bottles for life.

Whilst we were motivated by the reduction of single use plastics from our supply chain, this has proven to be a great example of the unanticipated benefits of doing the right thing.


Space saving. Over 90% reduction in storage space needed


Up to 90% reduction in shipping weight compared to conventional cleaning systems


Minimal Waste. No single use plastic, supplied in recyclable packaging


No over use of chemicals. Dosing designed to be the correct cleaning load


No chemical contact. Users protected by the water-soluble film layer


No manual handling risk. 7.5kg of conventional chemicals replaced by a 100g pack


Cost controlled. Exact dose every time


Zero single use plastic

This is just another example of the little things making a big difference.